Social Media Isn’t Just for Poor College Students Anymore

Image Courtesy of the Helen Brown Group

Think the only people who tweet are college students and hipsters? Think again.

Key Points

  • According to Ledbury Research, a U.K. based research group, at least 75% of high net wealth individuals (HNWI) use social media regularly.
  • 33% of the wealthy use three or more social media outlets.
  • LinkedIn is the most prominent social media website used by HNWI followed by Facebook.

Using Social Media? It’s Just Good Business

You can see from the above facts that something very interesting is occurring.  As trends continue even the very wealthy cannot escape the siren’s call of social media outlets. So what does this mean for you if you are not a HNWI?

  • For Job Hunters: Utilize that LinkedIn to start forming a network and getting your name out there
  • For Client Seekers: See above, but less obvious is to start utilizing a client’s social media presence to get a good feeling and understanding of prospective clients (think of it as market research)

Social media appears here to stay and with everyone jumping on the bandwagon why not use the bandwagon to make some meaningful connections or potentially find that next client or benefactor?

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